Welcome! This site is something I have worked on, in my mind, for years. Now it’s time to actually do it.  I am a System Admin (Linux, Unix, and OpenVMS) by profession but I’ve also done a lot of tech support. I am a bit of a control freak and I like things done in the correct order.  These are good attributes for a sysadmin. They are also characteristics that will drive your family and friends crazy.

I am a gamer, a crafter (in and out of games), and a genealogy enthusiast. I am very interested in history, primarily the dark ages and before, I strongly believe that those who forget history are damned to repeat it.  I’ve been an organic gardener since back in the days when only hippies were interesting in such things. I am in danger of dumping the next person that tells me that solar energy is a waste of time in a bucket of oil and/or nuclear waste.

I have too many pets and I spend more money on them than I do myself. Why would you have a pet and not? I’ve recently rescued two dogs and brought them into a house full of cats. Somehow it is working. I’m working on creating individual pages for all of the furkids. If you interested in their stories check back periodically.  I’ve written Skye’s rescue story and have started on Rowdy’s.  I’ve started on the cats numerous times and then ended up deleting the website so I will start over once again.

I’m slowly but surely building a shop where I will be putting up various crafting items for sale. I currently have some candles, chow-chow, and pickles listed.  As I get additional stuff made I will put them in the shop. Very soon I hope to pick up some local strawberries and make preserves. My strawberry preserves are a big favorite over cheesecake or ice cream. I’ve tried making them thicker but everyone wants them thinner so that’s what I make.

I’m running out of things to say, that does happen from time to time.  So, to prevent me from repeating myself, another bad habit I have, I will stop for now. I hope you enjoy my site.