Rowdy is a boxer who fell in love and would not go home. After I started working with Skye we would walk all over the neighborhood.  We do not go all the way to the main road so we use a cut through where the power lines are. This is right next to where Rowdy lived so Rowdy always came to see us when we cut through. Rowdy and Skye became fast friends.

A little background on Rowdy so you can understand what happened next. Rowdy was originally owned by an older woman. Sadly she died and Rowdy came to live on our street with a son and daughter of the deceased. Another son was supposed to take Rowdy when he got a place for him. Turns out he came by and got all his stuff stored there but not Rowdy.

On January 2nd Skye came in heat. Thankfully I had managed to get a run set up for her by this time. Poor Skye was so miserable because she was stuck either in the house or in her run. By this time she had gotten accustomed to daily runs in the woods. Well before you know it Rowdy shows up. I could not run him home and he was making it very hard to get Skye in and out of the house. He got picked up and taken home and tied up. Lo and behold he was back the next morning, with a broken cable still attached to his collar. Thankfully he still had a collar on so I could tie him up when I moved Skye in and out of the house. He was taken home a couple more times and was back within a few hours.

Thankfully Skye eventually returned to normal. Thing is Rowdy still refused to go home. I was not feeding him and he was getting thinner and thinner. I talked to the people he was living with and this is when I found out that the person who was supposed to take him had picked up his stuff with no mention of Rowdy. We could not get Rowdy to even go home to eat anymore. I needed another mouth to feed like I needed another hole in my head. At that point, my only choices were to call animal control to pick him up or take him in. Now I have two dogs that I cannot afford.