Skye is a 2ish-year-old white german shepherd dog.  She was abandoned on a dirt road near our house.  Just about everyone in the neighborhood was involved in her rescue, I had no idea she was there as I didn’t go down the road that weekend.  After approximately 3 days of her showing up on the road, my neighbor went out with his golf cart and brought her back to his house. I became aware of her when she started escaping from her kennel.  At first, she would not let me get close to her, she would just run off into the woods.  Every time she showed up in my yard I would go outside and talk to her. Eventually, she came to me and let me pet her.  Bless her heart, she was still thin at that time but her appearance had been steadily improving every time I saw her. When she let me pet her we both fell in love, we started playing and she led me to her kennel.  Thankfully my neighbor was outside and saw us coming through the woods.  We started talking about her and he told me how he had seen her on Friday and when she was still there Monday he went and got her.  He was getting concerned about her constantly escaping from her kennel and I explained to him that GSD’s do that when they get bored. I told him I would start working with her and see if I could get her moved into my house.  I am sure that you could see my good sense flying away with that offer.  How was I going to introduce a young big dog into a house full of cats! Somehow we are all reasonably comfortable living together now.  Believe me, it was not easy but love prevailed.

The next challenge was getting Skye to ride in a car. She is terrified of getting in a car. She has no problem walking around the car, as soon as I open the door she tries to run away.   We continued working on getting more and more used to the car in general. I would open all the doors and just let her look and smell the inside and outside.  She would put her head in the car and look around but still no way was she getting in it. We continued to work together, walk in the woods so she could run, and walk around the neighborhood so she could get to know everyone and all the other dogs. While walking around the neighborhood she met Rowdy, an older Boxer, and they became fast friends. Rowdy is more than ready to ‘go for a ride’ so I let him get in the car and then tried to get Skye to join him.  Not going to happen! She looked at him like he was daft and barked at him to get out. Nothing has convinced her to willing get in the car. One morning she was coughing, burping and generally not happy. She had been completely fine the night before, then we wake up and before she even goes out the coughing starts. I keep an eye on her and she seems mostly fine but annoyed by the coughing. I get worried and call the vets. Well, then I had to get her in the car. Put her leash on her and we go out to the car.  I open both back doors and try to convince her to get in. Nope nope nope is what she keeps insisting on. Yes yes yes I keep insisting. Finally, I get her front feet in the car and quickly boosted her butt in. She cried, broke my heart but I still managed to get the doors closed with her still in the car.  Off to the vets, we went. She traveled good, well behaved, very little fuss. We talked all the way but she was fine riding, not thrilled about it, but okay. Once we walked into the vet’s office she was in her element. She pranced around like a social butterfly. She wanted to talk to everyone. This was the same dog mind you, that fear peed on the floor the first time she encountered a child. She was really good the whole time we were there. She did good with the Vet, no fear, fortunately. Pulled blood no problem. Sadly she is heartworm positive. We started her on antibiotics and steroids to prep her for heartworm treatment. I paid the bill and then had to get her in the car again. This time I pulled the leash through the car and closed the door on it.  Then I boosted her into the back seat again, she cried when I picked her up. We headed home and when we were almost home, she threw up all over the back seat. Oh well, never fails.

She did good on her meds, took all the steroids and almost all the antibiotics before, my luck, she went in heat. Then she stopped eating well. She would eat one day and then would not eat anything the next day. I was giving her the pills in her food so when she didn’t eat she didn’t get a pill. She finally finished the pills and a week later she finished her heat. Unfortunately, by this time I could not afford to take her back to the vet. I still cannot and it’s breaking my heart. She seems fine for the most part but I know the heartworms are killing her on the inside.

UPDATE – August 2018 – Skye is now fixed, she did fantastically. I started her on heartworm treatment this morning. So far so good.